53 1 "No Time for Clones" Story by Steve "Funky Chicken" Neilson

Teleplay by Brian Lasenby

October 3, 2010
C2 drops an olive in his dad's time machine causing an alternate universe.
54 2 "Bear Necessities" Steve "Funky Chicken" Neilson October 10, 2010
The Crashman's go on a road trip and end up lost in the woods with a crazy maniac with a chainsaw.
55 3 "Love of the Game" Aron Dunn October 17, 2010
A video game creator creates a new game where you make your own avatar and battle others for prize money. Carl is doing great until Skye and him are the final two contestants.
56 4 "Summer Cramp" Glenn Brown November 7, 2010[1]
Carl becomes a counsler at a summer camp so he can make a move on Skye one of the other counseler's
57 5 "Rex2Rex" Brian Lasenby November 14, 2010[1]
Carl's dog Rex accidentally gets cloned and he can talk.
58 6 "Two Thongs Don't Make it Right" Gerald Tripp November 21, 2010[1]
Skye starts a protest for exploiting women at a local contest and somehow Carl gets signed up and has to wear a " sexy " thong.
59 7 "Foreign X-Stranged" Steve "Funky Chicken" Neilson November 28, 2010[1]
Carl meets a foreign exchange student.
60 8 "Community Carl" Hugh Duffy December 5, 2010[1]
Carl gets into trouble and has to do lots of community service.
61 9 "Cloned Crusader" Gerald Tripp December 12, 2010
C2 becomes a superhero named Zapman.
62 10 "In Carl We Trust" Brian Lasenby January 2, 2011
Mr. Agar becomes principal and for some reason he knows about all the bad stuff the students are doing. Everyone blames Carl. Later it is revealed Mr. Agar put a listening device inside Carl's MP3 and that's how he knew everything.
63 11 "Ultra-Marooned Mystery Part 1" Bob Ardiel January 9, 2011
Carl steals a boat and throws a party on it. The boat tips and everyone leaves. But Carl, Mr. Agar, Chloe, Jamie, Janet, Barney, Damion, Renee, C2, and Lorna are still on it. Someone cuts the anchor rope and they all get marooned on a island. Teletoon viewers were asked to go to the website and try to discover who cut the rope. It is later revealed who it was.Note: Two-part episode
64 12 "Ultra-Marooned Mystery Part 2" Bob Ardiel January 16, 2011
A mystery episode. Watch to find out the mystery!Note: Two-part episode
65 13 "Salem Clone Hunt" Brian Lasenby January 23, 2011[1]
The cloning lab makes an announcement that it will offer human cloning to the public. Skye decides to start an anti-cloning movement. But how will she reacts when she learns that Carl already has a clone?