27 1 "Carl Lost" Shawn Kalb January 3, 2007[1]
Carl and Jamie decide to go camping out in the woods and out of civilization (also in Jamie's attempt to catch Bigfoot on tape), so C2 is taking Carl's place for his family. But Carl gets lost in the scary dark woods and it's up to Jamie and C2 to save him and bring him home. Meanwhile, Chloe gets sick and demands her parents to take care of her every minute of the day.
28 2 "Night of the Living Clones" Denis McGrath February 25, 2007
C2 has his first bad dream when eating to much Halloween candy.Note: Halloween special
29 3 "Carl Super-Sized" Erika Strobel January 7, 2007[1]
Thanks to C2, Carl accidentally shreds a very rare copy of a comic book, forcing Carl to either repay Steve (the store's owner) or be banned from the store. Since Carl and Chloe's parents refuse to give a raise in allowance to either of their children, they bribe them: whoever gives them his/her first paycheck gets a raise. Carl gets a job at "Buckineer Burger" (giving C2 the opportunity to work with Lorna) while Chloe runs her own version of an ice cream truck. Meanwhile, Jamie makes a new video news story: "Do Buckineer Burgers beef up your life?"
30 4 "Chairman of the Boarders" George Westerholm January 14, 2007[1]
Mr. Agar got the mayor to turn the skatepark into a botanical garden! With Skye's help, Carl organizes a protest to bring back the skatepark. At first, the protest goes great, but then Mr. Agar says that if the botanical garden stays, he will give the students less homework, Skye quits on Carl AND the protests are getting ugly. Will Carl get his skatepark back? Meanwhile, Jamie and C2 desperately try to get Wheels Wallis to sponsor and help with the protest, even if it means doing the deadliest skateboarding move in history.
31 5 "Gone to the Dogs" Edward Kay January 21, 2007[1]
Jamie bets that Carl can't function two days without C2. To make this bet interesting, if Jamie wins, he gets Carl's skateboard for a month. If Carl wins, he gets Jamie's camcorder to fool around with for 30 days. It's not easy: Carl has to help out Skye at the dog shelter AND he has a biology test the next day. Meanwhile, Chloe tries out her new hexing spell book, and C2 unleashes his inner dog, with the help of Rex and the pup's friends, during his few days off.
32 6 "Pride Goeth Before a Wipeout" Ben Joseph January 28, 2007[1]
C2 beats Carl at virtual snowboarding repeatedly, and eventually also gets the high score, beating out Ron Bronson! Ron later challenges Carl to a virtual snowboarding showdown, so Carl uses his ultimate weapon: C2. But because of Chloe's obsession to get rid of pure white snow, the game busts, leaving C2 with a broken ankle and an excuse for Carl to be respected to the full extent at school. However, his fans discover that his ankle isn't really broken, and when Ron Bronson finds out, he challenges Carl to a REAL snowboarding showdown. Who will win? Meanwhile, Chloe and Damien attempt to get rid of all the white snow, hoping that the rest of winter will be dark and desolate.
33 7 "Lights, Camera, Carl" Denis McGrath February 4, 2007
Carl was chosen by Jamie to be part of his zombie movie, but his reactions quickly change when Jamie casts Lorna as Carl's lover. But thankfully, C2 can save Carl...or so Carl thinks. C2 is no match for Carl in terms of acting skills, so Carl now has to choose between kissing Lorna, or giving up on the film and letting down his best friend.
34 8 "Clone Scene Investigation" Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein February 11, 2007[1]
Mr. Agar puts Carl on the school spring dance decorating committee as a punishment for slacking in class. Since Skye is busy lying down in front of bulldozers to protect a nest ofburrowing owls, Carl brings in C2 to help with the decorations, so both of them are at school. The mess starts to happen when Chloe and Damien are also put on the committee as punishment. The day even gets strange for Lorna, as she keeps seeing two Carls! Her suspicion of Carl having a clone is further backed-up when she finds his blog! With the help of Jamie, Carl will have to play it smart to get out of this. Meanwhile, Chloe and Damien turns the "Spring has Sprung" dance decorations into destruction and chaos, much to Chloe's satisfaction.
35 9 "Carl's Techno-Jinx" Bob Ardiel February 18, 2007[1]
Carl is banned from the library (by a haunting librarian) for a massively overdue book about puberty. Fortunately for Carl, he has his trusty Internet to finish up a geography assignment due the next day -- not. Carl's computer was busted and when he tried to borrow Chloe and Dr. Mom's computer, both didn't work. The fearful C2 believes that all these grievances is due to the "Crashman Curse" and the librarian. With advice from Chloe, he decides to make a sacrifice in order to be relieved of the curse, Carl's computer.
36 10 "MOM'S DA BOMB!" Bob Ardiel March 4, 2007
Carl forgets it's mother's day. C2 had written a story in the newspaper (accidentally putting in C2's name), and wins. He wins the prize of going with his mother to a mother and son spa.Note: Mother's Day special
37 11 "Clone Encounters" Bob Ardiel March 25, 2007
C2 gets a feeling he is being watch by something out of this world!
38 12 "Spotlight on Carl (Teen Superstar Part 1)" Erika Strobel March 11, 2007[1]
C2 signs Carl up in the " Teen Superstar " contest and Carl must take the stage after hearing C2's horrible singing.Note: Two-part episode
39 13 "The Fame Game (Teen Superstar Part 2)" Erika Strobel March 18, 2007[1]
Carl finds that being famous is harder than it looks.Note: Two-part episode

Season 3

40 1 "Band of Bothers" Gerald Tripp June 3, 2007[1]
41 2 "Where's the Meat?" Brian Lasenby June 10, 2007
Carl promises Skye he will become a vegan, Will he kepp the promise, or bail and just make C2 keep his promise as usual.
42 3 "Totally Recalled" Bob Ardiel June 17, 2007[1]
Carl notices C2 is having malfunctions so he has to take him back to the cloning lab in this hair-raising adventure!
43 4 "Running Into Trouble" Gerald Tripp June 24, 2007[1]
44 5 "Doomsday" Pete Sauder July 1, 2007[1]
C2's doggy biscuits " Kosmic Kible " make C2 able to predict the future. All goes well until his prediction of Doomsday happens. In this episode Carl swears several times, but it gets bleeped out.
45 6 "Mouldy Oldie" Brian Lasenby July 8, 2007[1]
46 7 "My Cousin Carlotta" Pete Sauder July 15, 2007[1]
47 8 "Got Your Back" Gerald Tripp July 22, 2007[1]
48 9 "When Good Clones Go Bald" Bob Ardiel July 29, 2007
49 10 "Merry Christmas Granny Crashman" Pete Sauder August 5, 2007[1]
It's Christmas time and Carl's grandmother is coming for the holidays. Will she discover Carl's secret?Note: Christmas special
50 11 "Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" Gerald Tripp August 12, 2007[1]
51 12 "Doggone Flu" Brian Lasenby August 19, 2007
52 13 "Party Animal" Pete Sauder August 26, 2007[1]