1 1 "The Art of Being Carl" Louise Moon and Eva Almos September 4, 2005
In response to Skye's nearing birthday, Carl has C2 find a job to make some money for a present. Little does Carl know that C2's new job is being a nude model at an art school. Things go from bad to worse after Carl finds that Skye's party will take place next to the art school where a nude Carl painting hangs.
2 2 "Carl, True or False" Louise Moon and Eva Almos September 11, 2005
Carl gets accused of cheating on a Biology test after C2 gets him a 105%.
3 3 "Paging Dr. Carl" Ken Cuperus September 18, 2005
C2 gets tonsillitis and has to remove them by surgery. This raises suspicion because Carl already had his tonsils removed years ago. Carl's secret is in risk of getting found out and Carl has to play smart in order to stop it.
4 4 "Carl the Magnificent" Tim Burns September 25, 2005[1]
C2 invites Shane, Carl’s cousin and his family to stay at his house. Carl strongly hates Shane, especially because of the magic tricks he tries on Carl. To get rid of him, Carl starts a magical war, but he’s not sure if he can win.
5 5 "Tree to Be" Jennifer Cowan and Eva Almos October 9, 2005
Carl has a choice between helping Skye save a tree or entering a skateboarding contest. He tells C2 to go help Skye but nothing turns out as Carl wanted.
6 6 "A Scare to Remember" Paul Pogue October 23, 2005
Carl is forced to hand out candy for Halloween, but makes use of C2 to handle it for him so that he can get to Skye's party. Unfortunately, C2 believes that everything is free on Halloween and ends up helping a burglar (mistaking him for a trick-or-treater) rob a store! Mr. Agar spots him, and he's about to tell the police. Will Carl escape the arrest AND save C2 from the burglar in the house all in one night before the 'rents get home?Note: Halloween special
7 7 "A Tale of Two Carls" Eva Almos August 7, 2005
Note: Pilot
8 8 "Carl of the Wild" Louise Moon October 2, 2005[1]
9 9 "Christmas Clone" Louise Moon October 30, 2005
After a disaster concerning C2 making a fool out of himself while taking the annual family Christmas picture, Carl tells C2 that there is no such thing as Santa. Unfortunately, his parents think that Carl is too grown up for Christmas, so Dr. Mom returns all the gifts: NOO! While C2 runs off to search for Santa, Carl searches for C2 and he is about to learn the true meaning of Christmas.Note: Christmas special
10 10 "Romeo and Juliet" Howard Nemetz October 16, 2005
11 11 "As Seen on TV" Kenn Scott January 15, 2006[1]
12 12 "Cry Robot" Paul Pogue January 22, 2006[1]
13 13 "C2 Loves Lorna" Richard Clark January 29, 2006[1]
Lorna Lookman finally finds out the way to Carl’s heart. She bargains with Carl and tells him if he goes out on a date with her, she would give him a preordered copy of Carl’s favorite game, which he dearly wants. As a back-up solution, he sends C2 on the date. However, at the end of the date, it all ends as a disaster for Carl - Skye is on the verge of breaking up with him, and C2 falls in love with Lorna.Note: Valentine's Day special
14 14 "Carl Bullied" Deborah Jarvis February 5, 2006[1]
C2 makes friends with some bullies in Carl’s detention, which turns Carl into their main target.
15 15 "Carl Scared" Richard Clark March 3, 2006[1]
16 16 "Replacement Carl" Shawn Kalb March 1, 2006[1]
C2 is getting popular with Carl’s friends and slowly begins to take away his social life. Is C2 really going to replace Carl?
17 17 "Time to Lean, Time to Clean" Deborah Jarvis April 13, 2006[1]
Carl starts a business after finding out that his neighbors are willing to pay him to clean their house. Word had gotten out that one of Carl's workers, C2 is good at cleaning houses. But in the end, Carl's company crashes and burns, forcing him to go out of business.
18 18 "Grade A Disaster" George Westerholm May 3, 2006[1]
Thanks to the help of C2, Carl becomes a teacher's pet. Mr. Agar gives him access to the teacher's lounge where Carl touches the teacher's computer for the fun of it. On the computer, he accidentally changes everyone's report card to straight A's.
19 19 "Take Your Clone to Work Day" Dave Dias April 16, 2006[1]
Barney Crashman gets a new gig at an infomercial where he would try to sell his own breakfast dispenser. However, when Carl sends C2 to the 'take your kids to work day', the owner of the infomercial company likes C2 more, forcing Barney to go off the stage of his dream job.
20 20 "Chad to the Bone" Shawn Kalb May 23, 2006[1]
Chad is a new kid at Carl's school and has his eyes on Skye. Chad is a very nice, sweet, and helpful guy that would tell everyone that he has always been a good kid. Jealous that Chad is trying to take his move on Skye, Carl tries to find out anything bad about Chad. Meanwhile, Jamie tries to find out a great story to win the news anchor contest. Fortunately Carl finds out that Chad is the "Locker Thief" of the Mapleview High; eventually Chad is caught in the act by Lorna and Skye no longer cares for Chad at the end.
21 21 "Marshal Awe" Doug Hadders and Adam Rotstein May 10, 2006[1]
22 22 "Sibling Rivalry" George Westerholm June 15, 2006[1]
23 23 "Birthday Boys" Ken Cuperus June 7, 2006[1]
24 24 "It's A Frog's Life" Shawn Kalb June 21, 2006[1]
25 25 "Carl Pierced" Dave Dias August 25, 2006[1]
26 26 "Clone Come Home" Ken Cuperus August 7, 2006[1]
Carl gets angry at C2 after he triggers a virus on his computer, erasing all of his files, and most importantly, his blogs. C2 calls the cloning facility and boxes himself up with a "Return to Sender" sticker to get sent back. This episode features many flashbacks from the series.